Do Your Own Public Relations!

Get more book signings, increase your book sales and create an effective author toolkit. This is a quick and easy-to-read guide to help self-published/independent authors both understand what public relations (PR) is and how to do their own PR.  

Authors will discover how to:

  • Select an effective book cover
  • Develop your author toolkit
  • Pick the right book cover for your genre
  • Get local media coverage
  • And more

 As well as being a 16-year plus veteran in public relations and marketing, Cherrie Woods has authored her own self-published books and delivered many public relations and marketing workshops for authors. Woods has also worked as a publicist for a variety of authors to help them improve their brand, increase their revenue and get media attention.

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“Cherrie Woods’ lucid instruction based on her professional experience makes her book a sure fire hit for anyone aspiring to publish their own work. Her advice is pragmatic and linear. It cuts to the chase.”

Sean Yoes, Multi-award-winning journalist, filmmaker

"Cherrie Woods has compiled an invaluable resource for new authors looking to promote their work. She provides a comprehensive, yet succinct, look at all that's needed to create an effective PR plan."

Melanie S. Hatter, The Color of My Soul, winner of the Washington Writers' Publishing House Fiction Prize

Ms. Woods is a long time PR professional who has written an excellent primer for self-published authors on how to do your own PR. She lays out her approach via ten chapters that each raise a question for the author to address such as - Why did you write this book? or What is your brand? or What is your book's genre? Simple sounding but they get at key issues that most authors don't really understand or think are easy to answer.”

 — Stephen Schimpff, MD - Longevity Decoded - The 7 Keys to Healthy Aging

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